Service to the Blind, which was based in Main, and later Allegheny Regional Library, moves to Baum Boulevard, where it still operates today, and adds services for physically handicapped patrons.


New Beechview Branch opens.


The library establishes the International Poetry Forum and presents annual readings by distinguished poets from around the world.


A $1.6 million renovation project gives the Allegheny Regional Library its first face-lift since it was built in 1890.


New Knoxville branch opens.

1964 September 30

Keith Doms is named library director and oversees major organizational and administrative changes to modernize the library.

1956 October 19

The Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny, and its Woods Run branch, become part of the CLP system. Even though Pittsburgh absorbed Allegheny City in 1907, the library continued to operate independently for another 49 years.

1956 June 1

All residents of Allegheny County may now borrow books from CLP and its branches, and bookmobiles are added to serve communities without their own libraries. The expanded services are funded by the County Commissioners.

1952 September 4

CLP starts bookmobile services. It lends 83,075 books in its first year.

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